Simple Tricks To Boost Testosterone Production

Since the discovery of performance enhancing drugs and Viagra, testosterone has been getting a bad rap in the media.

Unfortunately, testosterone is the prime hormone in the male body and should be accounted for by every man.

It is my belief that every man on this planet should live to increase their testosterone levels and maintain relatively high.

High test levels promote a better health, a better life, and men with higher testosterone levels tend to do way better in the long-run of life than the average Joe.


Not just in terms of health, but financially, in relationships, and in life in general.

Testosterone regulates men behavior like RAM regulates computing speed.

It’s imperative to maintain higher T levels, it’s of utmost importance.

Sometimes it baffles me how people pay very little attention to this, and how they’d rather take a test boosting supplement as opposed to changing their lifestyle around.

Just a simple quick fixes can work wonders for your health and overall well-being.

So I want to outline some things that completely turned everything around for me.

You know, low body-fat levels tend to be optimal for testosterone production but please be mindful of how you get there.

I want to outline here a cautionary tale.

I was obsessed once with getting 10% body-fat percentage. I had ballooned up to 22% as a result of working ardently on my business and completely desecrating my health, my social life, I dropped out of college and practically withdrew from society for about a year.

I might’ve been dead for all that matters.

Well, once I decided to slowly start incorporating other aspects of my life together and loosen my grip on this obsession it became quite clear that I had to make a change with my weight, and I had to make it fast.

So I began losing weight at an alarming rate. First month, while consuming around 1800 calories a day and actively playing basketball while also lifting and playing other sports, I lost around 10 pounds.

Second month, another 6 pounds or so. But now my cortisol levels were extremely elevated.

Yes I had lost around 16 pounds and 8% body-fat but it was one of the most terrible experiences I’ve ever had.

Going to the gym started taking will-power, getting out of bed was a mind-battle, and just opening my mouth to speak alone was a vast effort.

At this point, my testosterone level was so low that the thought of sex nauseated me. I couldn’t bear it, and even just doing every-day shit seemed taxing.

But this is what you get when you mix a 20-hour fasting window every single day with a 1500 calorie diet and intense exercise on a daily basis.

Not even the Spartans had to endure such severity.

So on your weight to a rock star bod, mind your calories and take the long route. It’ll be benefit you greatly and will be more permanent.

Rapid weight loss, leads to rapid weight gain because your body doesn’t know why it was forced to lose that amount of weight so fast and it has to prevent it. And it does so by packing anything you eat into your fat stores.